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minute(not about time!)

minute 적은
It's not about time!
minute [maɪˈnjuːt] means very small.
Chances are minute. Chances are very low.
A: Look at that car. If I had the money...
B: That's pretty nice, huh?
A: What are the chances I'll win the lottery.
B: Minute.
A: 이 차 봐~ 내가 돈이 있었다면..
B: 멋진데?
A: 내가 복권에서 당첨될수 있는 확률이 얼마나 될까..
B: 엄청 적어.

look no further

look no further 더이상 찾지마

I't means "don't look anymore"

A: Where can I find a woman who doesn't care about money, appearance or background?
B: Look no further!!
A: No! I'm serious!
B: Me, too.
A: Mom~~

A: 재력, 외모, 배경 신경쓰지 않는 여자는 어디서 찾을수 있는거지?
B: 더이상 찾지마!
A: 나 심각해.
B: 나도야.
A: 엄마!


cuddle 포옹

To cuddle means to hug.

A: You two seem so happy!
B: We are! There's a secret.
A: Oh, tell me!
B: Cuddle. The more you cuddle, the happier you are.
A: 너희 둘 너무 행복해 보인다!
B: 응 우리 행복해! 거기엔 비밀이 있지.
A: 와, 말해줘!
B: 포옹. 더 많이 포옹할수록, 더 많이 행복해져.

you snooze, you loose.

you snooze, you loose 너가 잠들면, 잃게 될거야

Gramatically 'if you snooze, then you loose.'
To snooze means to sleep.If you sleep, then you loose !
If you are sleeping / if you are not paying attention / if you are complaining / if you are not focusing, then you will the chane or the opportunity.

A: Ugh~ Twitter's stock is up 10%
B: You didn't buy?
A: No, I wasn't sure.
B: You snooze, you loose.

A: 어~ 트위터 주가가 10%나 올랐네.
B: 안샀어?
A: 응, 확실치 않았어서.
B: 너가 잠들면/집중안하면 , (기회를) 잃게 될거야.

2014년 4월 24일 목요일

a slew of something

a slew of something 많이

That eans a lot of something, a huge amount of something. On my kitchen counter I have a slew of coupons. It means I have a lot of coupons!

A: What are you doing?
B: Watching Coach Shane's videos.
A: Does he have a lot?
B: A slew!! Hundreds of videos! All free!

A: 뭐해?
B: 코치 쉐인 비디오 보고있어
A: 많이 있어?
B: 엄청많아! 백개정도 되! 모두 공짜야!

in a heartbeat

in a heartbeat  당장, 바로, 재빨리

"to do something in a hearbeat" means to do something very quickly,instantly right away, now. "do it in a heartbeat" usually we use this expression like this  'If I would ~~~ in a hearbeat.' The nuance is 'If I had the chance to do something, I would do it now, immediately.'

 A: I hate my job.
B: Google's hiring.
A: Oh, I'd take a job there in a heartbeat.
B: Yeah, but would they take you?

A: 내 직장 정말 싫다.
B: 구글에서 채용하고있데.
A: 오, 당장 거기서 일하고 싶은데.
B: 그치, 그런데 구글에서 너를 채용할까?

don't jump the gun

don't jump the gun 서두르지마

I want you to think of the Olympics and think about the track events. There are runners. When do they start? There's a starter who has a gun and he shoot and they start to run. Before he shoots the gun and that is the jumping the gun. Is it ok to jump the gun? Is it ok to start before the gun?  No it's not ! So we say ' Don't jump the gun. Don't start too soon. Don't be hasty. Wait. make sure it's the right time to start.'

 A: My garden is ruined.
B: I told you not to jump the gun.
A: But it was so warm last week.
B: Yeah! And snow this week! May is month to plant~

A: 내 정원이 망가졌어.
B: 내가 서두르지 말라고 했잖아.
A: 그치만 지난주는 진짜 따뜻했어.
B: 그치! 그리고 지난주에는 눈이왔지! 오월이 심을 만한 때지~

What's your take?

What's your take ?  너 생각은 어때?

What's your take on something? This means 'what is your opinon? How do you feel about that? What's your impression?' We can ask an opinion about anyrthing not just politic. For example we can ask about a restraunt.

A: What's your take on recycling?
B: It's essential.
A: How's American's recycling?
B: Where I live—It's horrible.

A: 재활용에 대해 어떻게 생각해?
B: 필수적이지.
A: 미국에서 재활용상황은 어때?
B: 내가 사는 곳의 재활용 상황은 끔찍해.

2014년 4월 17일 목요일

creep me out

creep me out  소름끼치게 한다.

When something make you feel really scary or uncomfortable, you can use this expression. 

A: Robots creep me out.
B: I love robots! Spiders creep me out~
A: But you can kill a spider! A robot could kill you!!
B: Hmm.. Good point.

A: 로봇은 소름끼쳐.
B: 난 로봇좋아! 거미가 날 소름끼치게 하지~
A: 하지만 넌 거미는 죽일수 있잖아! 로봇은 널 죽일수도 있다구!!
B: 음.. 맞는말이야..

clear your head

clear your head  머리식히다

Sometime you get stressed out or sometime you go crazy, and that situation what you need to do is clear your head! You need to clear your head!  So that you can rest or you can distress. 

A: Where are you going?
B: I'm too stressed out. I need to clear my head.
A: Will you be back?
B: After a while~ 

A: 어디가?
B: 너무 스트레스 받아서, 머리좀 식혀야겠어.
A: 돌아올꺼지?
B: 좀있다~

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Let’s Master English’s Podcast 21: Cops Scramble to Find Poached Eggs

 episode image

Hear the podcast:

Welcome to LME Podcast 21! Thank you for listening. The contents are:

  • 1. HELLO and FREE DDM OPEN membership challenge! Win two months of DDM OPEN for free!
  • 2. NEWS: Cops Scramble to Find Poached Eggs
  • 3. Country Shane’s FACT!
  • 4. 3+alpha great questions from YOU!
  • 5. THANK YOUs and GOOD BYE!

Thank you for listening! I really hope to hear your feedback!
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Officers are scrambling to find who poached fifteen thousand dozen eggs. An eight-foot SEMI truck was stolen with all one hundred (and) eighty thousand eggs inside. No security cameras were in the vicinity where the truck is parked and then whisked away. The thief may have gotten over everyone easy for now. But police are sure they will crack the case.

Country Shane
How’re you doing everybody? This is Country Shane and I’m here to bring you the facts.Eggs are loaded with cholesterol, especially the yolk. Your brain is made of cholesterol; therefore, eggs are good for your brain. (Laugh) Study showed that eating eggs regularly does not increase your risk of heart disease. Ooh! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, . More eggs please! Well, it’s time for me to exit! This has been Country Shane bringing you the facts.

2014년 4월 9일 수요일

Let’s Master English’s Podcast 20: Global Warming will KILL us ALL

Welcome to LME Podcast 20! Thank you for listening. The contents are:

  • 1. HELLO!
  • 2. NEWS: Global Warming will KILL us ALL/li>
  • 3. Country Shane’s FACT!
  • 4. 4 great questions from YOU
  • 5. THANK YOUs and GOOD BYE!
Thank you for listening! I really hope to hear your feedback!
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While most of America experienced its coldest winter in decades a new UN report announces that Global Warming will destroy us All. “If we don’t reduce green house gases, risks will get out of hand.” said one of the report’s author. “We’re all sitting ducks!” said another. But hidden in the report, the scientists do concede the weather prediction has many uncertainties.

대부분의 미국이 십년만에 가장 추운 겨울은 보낸 가운데, 새로운 UN 보고서는 지구온난화는 우리들의 모든것을 파괴할것이라고 알려주고있다 . "만약 우리가 그린하우스 가스(CO2)를 줄이지 않는다면, 우린 위험을 손쓸수 없게 될것이다." 라고 보고서작성자 중 한명은 말했다. "우리 모두는 앉아있는 오리들이다!" 라고 또다른 사람은 말했다. 그러나 과학자들은 기상예보가 많은 불확실성을 가지고 있다는 것을 보고서에서 숨기고 있다. 

2014년 4월 4일 금요일

just plain ADJECTIVE

just plain ADJECTIVE 완전 ~해

This lesson is just plain easy. It is absolutely easy. Not complicated , it's easy. 

A: So, do you like it?
B: You made this?
A: Yeah~ Homemade yogurt is easy.
B: Wow! This is just plain excellent.    

A: 어때, 이거 맘에 들어?
B: 너가 만들었어?
A: 응~ 직접 요거트 만드는 거 간단해.
B: 우와! 이거 완전 짱이야.

an 8.2 magnitude quake

an 8.2 magnitude quake 진도 8.2의 지진 eight point two.. mag/nitude

When you describe an earthquake you can use the word 'magnitude' along with a number to describe how powerful it was. Sometime we can just cut it and say a 8.2 mag.

Quake means earthquake.
Before the earthquake sometimes they have little earthquake, we call those 'Pre-quake' 'Pre-earthqauke'
After the earthquake they also have other earthquake, we call those 'Aftershocks' 

A: Did you hear? An earthquake just hit Chile.
B: Oh no. What magnitude?
A: 8.2
A: Wow~ That's a big one. I hope people are okay...

A: 들었어? 지진이 칠레를 강타했데.
B: 오 이런. 진도가 얼마나 되?
A:  8.2
B:  이런~ 어마어마하다. 사람들 모두가 괜찮길..

2014년 4월 1일 화요일

a can-do attitude

a can-do attitude  할수있다는 태도, 긍적적 마인드

Today's expression is just for serious people. So if you're not serious, if you don't care about English, English is so difficult, then Go! Go! This expression is not for you! All right. Good.

The weak people are gone. Only the strong people remain and today's expression is just for you. You have a can-do attitude. "a can-do attitude"
An attitude is how you feel, your feeling, how you act how you perform.
What kind of attitude? a positive attitude or negative attitude? We don't want those people.
We want people, people who watch this video, people who work for company, people who do sport , we need a people with a can-do attitude. 

What is a can-do attitude? This is the idea.
English is difficult. Are you sure you want to study? Can you study with me? Yes, I can. I can. I can do it. I can study with you. That's a can-do attitude.
And I love a can-do attitude.

Let's check of the dialogue.
A: English is so hard~
B: Come on! It's not that bad.
A: It is~ I don't wanna study English!
B: Hey! You need to have a can-do attitude.

I know. English is tough. So was Korean. Korean was very difficult language But I told myself 'I can do it!' and took me a long time. It definitely took me years and years and I lived in Korea.  Did I master the Korean language? No. But was I comfortable living in Korean speaking Korean? Yeah. I had problems. Of course I have problems. But I never gave up! I always kept that can-do attitude.

And hey I'm your coach. You got a good coach, so don't give up. You can do it. You have a can-do attitude!